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How Do I Add A Wallpaper To My Desktop?
  • Starting from the beginning you simply click on the High Definition Wallpaper that you are attracted to most, and then you will come to the download page. You will see that the resolution is clickable, you click that and it will take you to the image in its full size. For Windows operating system you just right click and then "set as desktop background". For Mac, you just right click, which is 2 fingers on your touch pad, and then "set as desktop background".

How Do I Add A Wallpaper To My Cellphone?
  • To add a Wallpaper to your Cellphone you can do it 2 simple ways. For all of those newer phones, such as the iPhone or The G1 you can simply just open the web browser on your phone and then go to the address bar and enter the url: wallpaper4me.com and then browse the site until you find somehting you like and then click on the download link. On the image just save it to your phone (for the iPhone just tap the image) and then go to your pics and then save it as your background.

  • If you are unable to do the above, then save the Cellphone Wallpaper that you like or want to use on your cell. This can be done by clicking the download link under the wallpapers, and then right-click on the image and "save as". Once this is done you can then connect your phone to your computer and then just simply palce the picture you saved in the pictures file on your cellphone. Then go into your cellphone and make the image your wallpaper.

Image Resize and Cropping
  • We have added a couple new features that can greatly improve your browsing experience on Wallpaper4Me.com, they are an auto-resize and a cropping tool.

  • Above is where you can find the link to these two features. Say the resolution is larger than your screen resolution, but you really like the wallpaper, then click that link and we will auto-detect your screen resolution and the wallpaper will now fit your resolution.

  • So most of the wallpapers on Wallpaper4Me.com were to designed to fit widescreen monitors(16:9) perfectly, but you do not have a new widescreen monitor(4:3), well we are here for you. Click on the same link as above found under the wallpaper you would like to use. Once you are at the resize wallpaper screen click on the "Options" tab at the top and then click on the "crop image" link. This will allow you to crop the wallpaper and fit in what part of the HD Wallpaper you like without distorting the image! (See image below)

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